Fulldome Experience Center

Multifunctional fulldome hall having 300 seats is a core of the Fulldome Experience Center. Visitors will be amused by a dynamic interactive space carrying a scientific and educational functions. It includes installations, exhibitions and game zones as well as cafeteria, gift shop and conference room for the visitors’ comfort and versatility of the building.

Team: Oleksiy Petrov, Iryna Miroshnykova, Alice Magirovska, Dmytro Prutkin, Vadim Sidash, Victoria
Leonchenko, Anna Dobrova
Area: Building area 3500 m2
Technical solutions: Front Pictures
Type: Concept design
Year: 2011-2012



Requires minimum building area releasing additional space for public zones. Such a solution contributes to the emergence of new scenarios in the open air. Concerts, street plays, public speeches and lectures proves that Fulldome Experience Centre can become the heart of the city's cultural life, and even of the whole country.


FEC program

FEC traffic pattern