Residence Vilshanskogo

Private residential home for young familly. Head of the family is engaged in scientific research and privacy at work is one of the main task. One more wish from our client was to save the old orchard.The body of the house is divided into two parts. First - the tower. Dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, overview terrace and children playground located here.

Team: Volodymyr Petrov, Oleksiy Petrov, Irina Miroshnykova

Client: Private investor

Area:  –

Year: 2010


Isometric view


Second part — the underground plate which connected with the tower by cascade open library.  Gym and pool is the basis of the tower.  Wine room, armory, laundry room, pantry and office for scientific work combined with a closed library, and has direct access to the garden as well as a children's playroom and an open kitchen. The residence has two entrances: one is located in the tower, and the other in in a rectangular box overhanging the garden.



Plan -3.200


Plan 0.000



Plan +3.200


Plan +6.400

Plan +9.600 - +11.700


Isometric view


Isometric view