Private Brewery

The project of a private brewery featuring 23 hotel rooms and a restaurant in Kiev Region The concept of the restaurant located 10 km south of Kiev is built on two contrast symbols where a hangar-shaped hall houses a private brewery, a kitchen and restaurant rooms while a flying-high space accommodating 23 hotel rooms gives visitors a feeling of home thanks to its cozy placement under a gable roof.

Team: Oleksiy Petrov, Iryna Miroshnykova, Vadim Sidash, Dmytro Prutkin

Client: Private investor

Area: 2100 sq.m.

Status: Concept design, Closed

Year: 2010






Main components






Site and Situation plan


Three special suites for VIP guests connected by an airy hall are at the top level sitting right under the ridge. The balancing hotel space hovers about the brewery space stretched towardsthe far end of the plot.A long hall is perfect for large drinking events and parties. Such configuration zones the plot into two parts: the entrance, an active area with a car park and an area for open-air concerts, and the recreation zone consisting of a park and cabins for private parties. There is a billiard hall and a bar on the cellar level which can be accessed through the main entrance hall at the ground floor.



Section cut 


Section cut



Perspective view