Park Gorkogo

We've been invited to participate in the competition for the design of the main entrance to Gorky Park in Moscow. Square with propileus - a starting point for celebration of the city's day at the park territory. Here we define our path through the park and the city as a whole. We think that existing area of ​​the entrance to the park should be a place of dialogue between people and the city. For this days, we offer to make The Lobby in front of the Park.

Team: Oleksiy Petrov, Iryna Miroshnykova, Anna Dobrova, Dmytro Isaiev, Anna Kamyshan, Victoria Leonchenko, Dmytro Prutkin
Client: Park Gorkogo, Moscow
Type: Invited Competition
Year: 2012



Rethinking of classical chess pattern gives an opportunity to realize the most daring scenarios on a park’s square.
Code Park — the public interactive information point.




On the map we marked the places that might be interesting
to residents and visitors of Moscow.




We propose to focus all the most interesting places, events and ideas of the city at one point.




Entrance square became a city map, filled with information that affects the formation of the new city.




  • Sport
  • Places
  • People
  • Food
  • Events
  • Culture


  • Night
  • Morning
  • The curtains